How to delete a facebook lite account

How to delete a facebook lite account is no different from regular facebook. Who doesn’t know Facebook? Facebook is a social media that is now widely used by people from various generations. Many people even use the internet for the first time for the purpose of playing Facebook. The application founded by Mark Zuckerberg can be said to be the king of social media. Compared to previous social media such as Twitter, Friendster, and so on, Facebook provides more complete features. Even when compared to social media that exist after Facebook such as Instagram, Path, SnapChat, and others, Facebook still occupies the highest ranking.

Facebook continues to develop. From 2005, which can only upload status and photos, now Facebook provides a story feature like on Instagram. We can not only post photos like on Instagram, but we can share our writings, links, and so on. Besides being complete with Facebook’s features and benefits, it is the easiest social media application to use. At a time when twitter was confusing to use (replying to comments, retweeting, etc.), Facebook came with all its conveniences. If you want to write a comment, then you just have to click on the comment instructions on a post. The availability of various buttons that are easy to use makes Facebook have many fans to this day.

This convenience is further supported by a choice of languages from almost all over the world. You don’t need to be confused with English because Facebook provides Indonesian language so it’s easier to understand its use. All the completeness and convenience is what makes Facebook used almost all over the world.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a win-win for everyone. Of course, Facebook has a positive and negative impact on social media. Since the existence of Facebook, people no longer value privacy. Indeed, the use of social media is to spread the desired things, including personal information. But sometimes, even more often than not, someone’s personal information is misused. For example, to cheat in order to make a profit.

The most common case is someone who creates facebook on behalf of someone else, adds followers automatically, then impersonates someone to lend some money for example. For Facebook users who are already smart, they must have anticipated this. But what if the Facebook user is someone new to social media?

Another case is the unlimited spread of news that is not necessarily true. The existence of a link sharing feature on Facebook allows anyone to share all the news on the internet. In fact, almost every website has a ‘share’ feature on Facebook. If we can’t filter the news well, won’t that be slander?

In addition to the problems described above, there are still many problems with this social media called Facebook. Then how to solve it? If indeed someone still can’t filter how to take advantage of a facebook, this application provides an account close. Close account is that your account will be removed from facebook. This means that other people will not find you when you open Facebook.

People who intend to close an account usually have their own reasons. One of them is to avoid things that do not protect their own privacy. How to delete a facebook lite account is the same as deleting a facebook account in general:

How to delete a facebook lite account temporarily

This method is done if someone doesn’t really want to delete their facebook account. It’s just that the facebook account will not be read by anyone. As the title suggests, you can reactivate your Facebook account if you choose to delete it temporarily.

  • Go to and login to your facebook account as usual.
  • Choose the settings menu
  • You will see the General Account Settings menu. Select the word Edit, then click Manage Account.
  • You will see some of your data on facebook. Scroll down and you will find the option to Deactivate Your Account.
  • After clicking Deactivate Your Account, you will be given a form, choose Other, explain further.
  • Fill in the reason why you closed your account. There are several reasons listed in this view.
  • Don’t forget to click Reject Email if you don’t want to be disturbed by Facebook notifications that come into email.
  • Next, select Close.
  • There will be a message box containing a message to assure you that your account will be deactivated. Click Deactivate Now.

Now your account has been temporarily deleted. So temporarily deleting an account is basically just deactivating the account. If you re-login to Facebook using that account, then your account will again be accessible to your friends.

How to delete a facebook lite account permanently

  • Open the facebook page, and login to your facebook account that you want to delete.
  • Enter this address either in a new tab or on your facebook page.
  • Will message about the terms of deleting your account. Click Delete My Account.
  • After that, a captcha and password box will appear. Fill in the facebook password and enter the captcha in the box provided. Don’t forget to click ok.
  • After that, your facebook account has been deleted.

Even if you have permanently deleted your Facebook account, Facebook will give you 14 days if you change your mind. If the deleted facebook account is used to log in for 14 days after deletion, then the facebook account will be active again. If you want your facebook account to be completely deleted, make sure you don’t log back in 2 weeks after the deletion order was executed.

That’s the way to delete a facebook lite account which is also the same as how to delete facebook normally. Facebook lite is a facebook application with more quota saving. On Facebook Lite, you will not see heavy files such as images and videos so that your internet quota usage is more efficient and lighter. If you have deleted your Facebook account, you will automatically not be able to log back into your Facebook Lite account. In addition to Facebook, other social media applications also have a delete account feature. For example, how to delete a twitter account, instagram, path, and so on.

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