How to find out whose Instagram account

Have you ever wondered who is behind a certain Instagram account? it’s hard to keep track of all the accounts that are out there. You may have been wondering how to find out whose Instagram account is and we can help! will allow you to uncover the identity of an anonymous user’s Instagram profile. It doesn’t matter if they’re your friend or foe – we’ll reveal their identity in no time at all!

How To Uncover The Identity Of An Anonymous Instagram User.

The best way to find out who’s behind an account is by using our online tool. This tool is located at and it can be used to quickly identify the identity of any Instagram user. Using this website, you can reveal the actual name of someone’s Instagram profile as long as they aren’t using a fake account.

The process is quick and simple, so let’s get into it.

Start the search by visiting the iCanHazIP tool right now! Type in you’re desired Instagram profile name in the search bar on the top of the page Once you have entered the name of the Instagram profile you want to find out the identity of, click on “Try it!” If results are found, an image showing their real name will appear next to a map. You can then cross-check your findings by visiting their Instagram page.

There are various ways of finding out who owns an Instagram account (or any other social network account for that matter) but only two methods work 100%. The first method requires using special programs like “Social Crawlytics” or “Social Links” which crawl all the posts on Instagram by following everyone who has followed your target account. You will then receive all the post IDs, afterwards go to Social Crawlytics website and proceed with entering these data – this will lead you to the owner’s media.

The second method is much simpler but way less detailed, it consists of uploading an image (or any other type of file) directly to Instagram and getting its link. This link can then be entered into a Google search using such words as “who is”, “profile for”, etc., which will lead you straight to your target account.

Of course there are various methods that do not work 100% like tracking someone through their phone number, checking out their latest followers/following, etc… however they may provide some result depending on how well the information has been hidden by your target.

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