how to make google form?

Google forms is one of the best tools to collect information. It’s very easy to create, manage and share Google form. Anyone can make free google form to gather information like survey, feedbacks, registrations etc.

You need a Gmail account to create or edit Google Form (. Heading in google forms) in your preferred language (most of the Google forms are available in more than 40 languages). You can make use of it to collect data through HTML form.

Google docs, sheets & forms are the latest way to simplify your work and save time from mundane tasks. So now let’s discuss about How can you create a Google Form. When you go to the “New” menu and click on “More” options, there you can find Google Forms.

Google form is an easy way to collect information from users. You can make a google form free online by visiting the below mentioned link:

You can also create a Google form simply by clicking the link given below:

There are various features of Google forms that you can use to make your task easier and faster. Some of them are as follows-

1) Embedded submission in a webpage or blog post,

2) Email notifications to form creator and/or all respondents,

3) Google Drive integration – to allow respondents attach a file along with their responses,

4) Advanced question types – Multiple choice, Checkboxes, Ratings etc.,

5) Flexible data export options – as tables or spreadsheets

6) Responsive on any device – Android, iOS, Windows etc.,

7) Powerful reporting – with filtering, sorting and highlighting options.

8) Use of Google account to sign in or allow respondents to sign in with their google account.

Once the Form gets submitted you will be able to download it as a CSV file which can be opened using any Spreadsheet application like MS Excel or Google sheets etc.,

You can make changes in the form only when it is in draft mode, Editing option is not available until you publish your form.

Google apps have numerous benefits for both personal and professional usages. This enables you to do things much faster, efficiently and gain time by avoiding mundane tasks . It helps you simplify and automate your work and allows you to collaborate on projects with other team members.

Google forms is a fully free service, so there are no setups or monthly fees attached. However, this form will be visible to the web only and won’t be able to collect data from any mobile device.

You can also make an offline google form. As the name implies, the data you collect here is stored locally on your computer. You can download the data as a CSV file and use it for future reference or analysis.

A Google Form has some simple steps to create form which are mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to Google Drive and click on New > More > Google Forms

You can also access the Google Sheets from within a Google Doc.

Step 2: Name your form and hit “Create” button.

After creating form, you will see toolbar below the editing window where you can add multiple questions and responses in a single form.

Step 3: To add more questions, click on Add Item button or (+) icon near toolbar below the editing window.

You can also add sheets to your form separately by clicking on Add items > Sheets and then selecting a sheet.

Form will look like this after adding multiple questions in it . It’s very simple to create good looking forms.

Step 4: You can create your own custom themes for your form by selecting background and foreground colors of each element separately.

After making some changes, it will look like this .

You can change the font style of whole form or of any question individually in Google forms. Just select the text and click on Font icon available under toolbar below the editing window.

You can also add a link for any of your form’s question by selecting More actions > Link > Insert.

When you hit “Insert” button, you’ll be asked to choose a link option. Just select Web address and paste the link in box provided. Hit OK . That’s it! Now whenever a respondent will click on that link a new window will open up and take them to the given site. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact us for help.

If you want your form results to be shared with some other users then follow these simple steps:

1) Click on More actions > Share Form . You can share it with anyone through link or email.

2) Now you can share your form results by selecting More actions > Get shareable link . For this, you will need to setup & verify your account first. To do so click on Verify Account and follow the instructions .

3) Once your Form is verified, just go to Get shareable link.

4) You can now access your Form’s shareable link. Just copy it and send to the users for whom you want to share results.

Google has a very useful Integration Feature which allows you form data collection with other tools like Google drive, Gmail etc., This makes it easy for users to add collected data from forms directly in their Google drive.

To integrate Google forms with Gmail, you have to first enable the feature from “Advanced” tab of your form’s settings menu.

Now just go to Add-ons > Forms > Display Responses in New Tab or Window . You can also decrease the width of your form by selecting Less width option available under advanced tab.

You can also display your form results in Google Sheets . It can be done easily by selecting More actions > Add-ons > Forms > Open in Google Sheets.

Once your all settings are done, just open your form and click on Responses option to see the live result.

There is another very useful feature called ” Form Saves” which helps you to create a copy of your Google form. This feature is useful when you are using the same form for multiple purposes with small changes in questions or responses.

To use this feature, just click on More Actions > Form Saves .

You can also add your own custom CSS code to style and position elements of your form by selecting More Actions > Custom CSS .

Form saves feature is very useful for agencies and companies who create many similar forms with small changes. You can just clone your form to save time by simply copying Responses data into new sheet of Google Sheets after making desired changes.

Here are some more features of Forms which may interest you:

1) Unlimited editing : You can always edit your form as many times as you want by clicking on Edit Form option.

2) Unlimited responses : You can receive unlimited number of responses for a single form.

3) Anonymous data collection: While creating your forms, you can set the “Anonymous” setting to true if you don’t want Google to track respondents’ data.

The process of creating a form is very simple and you can make it more useful by adding Google Add-ons according to your requirements. We hope this article will be helpful for you. If you find any difficulty, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you in making the most out of Google forms .

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