How to retract and email in outlook

The Microsoft Outlook email client has its own set of buttons to help you manage your messages. One button is located at the top right of the window and looks like an envelope. When clicked, this button will open up a menu that contains two options: “send/receive” and “retract.” The first choice – send or receive – sends or receives emails. You can also use it to access your inbox, outbox, drafts folder, spam folder etc., including any folders that are shared with you by other people on your network. The second option retracts an email message from being sent which can be helpful if there’s been a mistake in the message content or recipients list before sending it off to all recipients.

how to send email in outlook

  • Log in to your Outlook account
  • Click the email you want to send
  • Type your email address or select it from your address book
  • Click the person you want to send the email to
  • Type the message you want to send
  • Add attachments if necessary.(You can do this before or after you write the message.)
  • Add a signature if desired. (You can also do this before or after you write your message.)
  • Click send
  • Your email is now on its way!
  • To cancel sending it click Cancel in the Outlook’s Message window. (The mail will besent to the recipients after you click send)

Retracting a message you’ve sent in Microsoft Outlook is easy, but how you go about how to retract and email in outlookdepends on how you sent the message. If it’s a simple reply, you can simply delete the reply and send a new one to replace it. But if your email was more complicated than that – perhaps you included file attachments or other people in the thread – removing your portion of the conversation may be isn’t as easy as hitting Del and then resending your message.In those cases, you’ll have to use Outlook’s undo functionality.

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