How to track someone location with phone number on google maps

want to track someone’s location? You can do this by simply using a cell phone number. Here are some easy ways to trace a cell phone number.

First, you have to open WhatsApp Web via a PC or computer first. Then, open the last message of the person you want to track the position of. If the message was a few days ago, you should message the person first.

After opening the last message, press Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously, which will then enter the Task Manager. Then, press Windows+R at the same time, right after the Task Manager appears. Then when cmd and press Enter. When the command prompt appears, type netstat and press Enter.

Take note of the IP address listed in the command prompt. Then you can track the person who is your target by opening the website, then enter the IP address that you got.

Second, use the help of Google Maps. The trick, make sure you are connected to an internet connection first. Then, open the Google Maps app. Once open, go to the Options menu, then enter the Friend List, then select Add Friend. Invite the mobile number whose position you want to track.

Make sure the mobile number that is your target has received the invite or invitation earlier. After that, click on the target contact you want to track. Google Maps will then automatically track and notify the whereabouts of the target you want to track.

Third, open the Google Maps application on the target’s cellphone. Somehow, you have to open the google maps application on the target phone. Then, click the menu button in the top left corner and select the location menu. When you get to the share location page, click the start button. Then the location sharing time appears, ‘for 1 hour’ or ‘until disabled’, then click ‘more’. Next, enter your number or email address that will be used to track the target phone, then send.

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