My facebook account hacked how to recover (100% Work)

My facebook account hacked how to recover – Facebook is indeed the best social media today. There are many special features presented by Facebook that make users feel comfortable and at a home using it, one of which is an easy login system.

We, Facebook users, can get in and out easily in addition to using an email address, namely by using a telephone number. As a result of this easy login process, our Facebook is often hacked by irresponsible people such as friends who often borrow our cellphones.

It is very inconvenient to reprocess a hacked facebook account, some even get frustrated and create new Facebook account. I think creating a new Facebook account am a disadvantage because there are already many memories in it.

Before getting frustrated and creating a new Facebook account, you should follow this article on how to restore hacked facebook account.

My facebook account hacked how to recover

1. Forgot Password

  • Enter the browser, and open the Facebook site, later under the username and password column click Forgot Password.
  • Next you will be redirected to the view “Find Your Account” to find a hacked facebook account / forgot password. Enter your username (email/mobile number) in the column provided, and click Search.
Find Your Account facebook
  • If you have, a new screen will appear as shown below.
Reset Your Password facebook
  • The picture above is the process that must be done to enter into a hacked facebook. There are 2 options to get a 6-digit code, which is to send the code via email or message.
  • Note: The email/number used to send the mandatory code for your number, if there is no email/mobile number associated with your Facebook, Facebook will not send the 6-digit code.
  • Select the option you find easy and click Continue.
  • Check the message on your cellphone or email whether there has been a notification sent by Facebook. If so, enter the code into the column provided, then click continue.
  • Done, your account can be opened again.

2. No longer have access to these?

  • Still using features Forgot Password, but here we are using the help of “Don’t have access here anymore?” as in the picture.
Find Your Account facebook 1
  • In the new tab enter the new email/phone and confirm.
  • Then enter the security question that you entered when you first created Facebook.
  • If you think you’ve never entered a login security question, then use it with Friend Help.
  • Choose your 3 closest Facebook friends, then Facebook will send a confirmation code to your 3 friends that you selected earlier.
  • ask the 3 friends about the security code you chose, ask for the code and enter it. After that, wait for confirmation from Facebook for approximately 24 hours.

3. Report compromised account

  • Log in to
  • Choose the option that you feel is appropriate for the problem you are facing.
  • Follow the next steps and wait for your account to be restored.
  • This is one way to restore lost facebook.

It feels very annoying if our facebook account is hacked by someone else. Therefore if your facebook account has been hacked then the above is the way I recommend to recover it.

Hopefully this article on how to recover my hacked facebook account is useful for all of us. That is all and thank you.

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