What color does pink and green make?

Paint mixing is a very interesting science. If you take all the colors of paint and mix them together, what color do you get? Most people would answer that you will eventually end up with black. This isn’t true; however, those aren’t the right answers either. The actual answer is gray!

Don’t believe me? Well, if that’s the case check it out for yourself! All you need are some paints and a dark background.

You will want to start off with green on your paper, two colors of pink paint (one lighter than the other), one blue color of paint, and one yellow color of paint. Use the darker shade of pink for this experiment. Take the darker pink and the lighter pink and mix them on your paper to make a pastel shade of pink. With your green, blue, and yellow paint, start mixing them together in a small area so you can see what color they make. After a few minutes of mixing, look at your strip of paint. What color do you see? No matter how many times you look at it, the answer will always be gray.

I mixed together all these paint colors and what color happens is that I get gray.

What color does pink and green make?

I think that the correct answer is gray. The experiment that I did was to take some paints, one of them being pink of course, and mix them together to see what colors they make on a white background. Then I compared the colors to online resources for further information on the experiment.

The colors are gray, not black which is what most people believe it would be. It was really interesting seeing the shades of gray because when I mixed them together they became even lighter in color than expected. So, if you mix green and pink paint together, the result won’t necessarily be black but more of a light shade of gray. It is a scientific fact that when you mix different colors, the color result would always be gray or a shade of gray because in reality there’s no such thing as black paint in the world.

I think this experiment was accurate and correct in explaining how mixing paints together come out to be shades of gray instead of black because I did it myself and saw the results. I think this experiment is good for people of all ages because my siblings even found out they were mixing their paints together wrong when they thought that was what they were supposed to do. So, if everyone mixes their own paint colors together on a dark background, then there’s no way it can’t be gray because that’s what you get.

What color does pink and green make?

The answer is gray. I did the experiment by taking two different shades of pink paint, a lighter and darker, mixing them together to make a pastel pink color, then mixing together green, blue and yellow (other colors that were given for this experiment) making a green-blue color. I compared my results to online resources of paint mixing, which also resulted in showing me that the answer is gray.

I think this experiment was accurate and correct because it showed me different shades of gray when I mixed together different colors of paint on a white background. If you mix all these colors on a white background, you will always get gray. I think people of all ages can do this experiment because it’s easy, not messy and there are limited supplies needed.

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