How long until roblox is back up

It has been long agreed upon by the community that Roblox should fix their servers, but we all know they won’t. The average wait time for a player to join a game is about 10 minutes and it only keeps getting worse. For those of you who don’t play roblox much, this might not seem like such a bad thing.

Well, it is. If you just wait 5 minutes then join a game that way, it drops your chance of joining an actual fun game down to about 2%. The odds are much better if you make your own game and host it yourself. However, the Roblox devs never bother to update their servers which irritates long time players who know the effort that goes into making a good game.

So, when will Roblox fix their servers? This question has been asked since 2012 and still no answer has been given. It’s not like the devs are too busy with other things, because they aren’t doing anything else. The only logical answer is that Roblox won’t fix their servers which has led to lots of players quitting.

It is a common misconception that their server issues are due to it being very popular, but this is not the case. It has been confirmed that Roblox’s servers seriously lack power and should be updated. The only workaround for this was to add more servers, but even then the servers often go down for updates which have been known to last hours. Some players have even reported that they were kicked from a server because the devs forgot to update it before bringing it back online.

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