How to make brown hair dye at home

If you want a dark and elegant brown, then it is your lucky day. Because I’m going to tell you how you can know to do it by yourself without spending a fortune in a hairdresser.

First of all, prepare your shopping list before you go to the store. You need 5 things:

1) Mask color cocoa brown by Garnier Color Naturals. It costs about 15€ per 100ml so it’s not expensive. You can find it at any grocery shop or beauty supply store

2) Ammonia to mix with the mask to activate the color. This same brand has a bottle of 10% diluted ammonia that costs about 2€ per 100ml

3) Shampoo to wash your hair after you have colored it. It will prevent stains on your skin and clothes

4) Gloves because the product is going to dye your hands as well as your hair. You can also use plastic bags instead but this is more expensive and less hygienic

5) Mixing bowl and brush to put the mask in your hair. You can use any cup or container but brushing with a mixing spoon is easier.

Once you have bought these items, go make some room because it will be messy. I usually do this process outside, on my balcony for example. Then, follow these steps:

1) Pour 50ml of 10% ammonia into your 300ml bowl. Then, pour the entire contents of the cocoa brown mask in the bowl. Mix them well with your mixing brush until you get a really dark paste

2) Apply it on your hair. Make sure to stay conscience about how much time you spent applying it because it dries super quickly. Usually, the time recommended by Garnier is 20 minutes so I try to apply it within 10 min

3) Wash your hair with shampoo when you are done and don’t forget to moisturize afterwards.

Finally, the most important part: be patient! It’s not going to happen overnight but if you dye your hair regularly or at least once a month, it will become darker and lighter until the desired color appears. If you want to speed up the process, just use heat on your hair after coloring it. This could be either ironing with an iron or using hot rollers.

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