Example of biodata for marriage

In general, the definition of marriage biodata can be interpreted as the process of getting to know a person or group of people further by getting acquainted, face to face, meeting, or visiting the person in person. Wedding documents are highly recommended so that we can get to know each other before doing or deciding something together.

This process is also a way well before marriage, When you want to make introductions, both potential partners must limit the interaction between each other. Therefore, to get to know each other, there are several stages that need to be done, one of which is exchanging biodata (CV) between prospective partners. Each must write honest information, without the intention of lying to anyone.

Marriage biodata generally contains about personal data information. The information covers physical and personality, family, educational history, work history and experience, history of illness, to the criteria of the desired or sought partner. In addition, applicants can also add other special information, such as including requests for potential partners, favors, kindness, bad, to plans after marriage.

Here we present an example of marriage biodata that you can use.

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